Monday, May 4, 2020

 It has been brought to our attention that a fraudulent marketing firm has contacted members of the boating community offering to sell 10,000 contacts from BC Boat Show 2020. This email is false, and has absolutely no affiliation with the BC Boat Show or the BCYBA.

DO NOT respond if you receive this email. On top of attempting to profit off a non-existent mailing list, they are likely phishing for active email addresses too.

We take data privacy very seriously, and would never work with an external firm in this capacity or offer to sell contacts. Only trust BCYBA emails that come from this address, or other addresses.

Below are some resources and tips on how to screen and identify imposter emails:

We apologize to anyone who received this message. If you ever have any questions about the communications you receive from the BCYBA or the BC Boat Show, please contact for clarification.


We hope you are all safe and well,


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