Monday, April 27, 2015

Nothing beats hands-on experience for improving your boating skills or learning new ones. This year's Victoria Inner Harbour Boat Show features hands-on, on-the-water boating workshops. Discover Boating presents two different Hands-on Skills Training clinics for powerboaters at the Victoria Inner Harbour Boat Show April 30 to May 3, 2015. Delivered in partnership with Bruce Stott of Gulf Islands Cruising School, who has been educated in the Hands-On Skills Training approach, our aim is to make boating more accessible, safe and enjoyable!

There's something for everyone — from absolute beginners to seasoned skippers! You'll learn from experts: all sessions are taught by skilled on-water trainers.

Each event is 60 minutes long and registration is free. Participation is limited to four persons per boat. These effective learning events will help develop skills that will last a lifetime and add significantly to your boating safety and enjoyment. Please note that to participate you must already have your PCOC (Pleasure Craft Operator Card).

Remember: these courses have limited spaces available during the show, so be sure to register in advance to book your space. Participation is on a first-come, first-served basis; and at no charge, we expect spaces to fill up quickly!  

For more information about the Hands-on Skills Training program, visit 

Register for Skills Training HERE

Fundamentals of Close Quarters Powerboat Handling:

Hone ​your ​docking ​skills ​and ​practice ​close ​quarters ​manoeuvring ​with ​a ​professional ​instructor. ​Learn ​the ​fundamentals ​of ​boat ​control ​in ​confined ​spaces ​including ​how ​to ​confidently ​manoeuvre ​close ​to ​other ​boats, ​piers, ​docks ​and ​fixed ​objects. ​Participants ​will ​also ​learn ​how ​to ​turn ​around ​in ​tight ​spaces, ​back ​down ​a ​narrow ​channel ​in ​a ​straight ​line ​and ​other ​important ​docking ​and ​manoeuvring ​skills. ​It’s ​designed ​for ​all ​boaters ​who ​wish ​to ​increase ​both ​competence ​and ​confidence ​in ​docking ​situations.

Advanced ​Close ​Quarters ​Manoeuvring*:

The ​ability ​to ​confidently ​manoeuvre ​a ​boat ​in ​tight ​spaces ​is ​the ​hallmark ​of ​a competent ​skipper. ​This ​hands-on ​session ​covers ​advanced, ​precision ​boat ​control ​and ​docking ​techniques ​used ​by ​professional ​captains, ​including ​how ​to dock ​and ​depart ​confidently ​using ​spring ​lines ​and ​more. ​This ​event ​is ​ideal ​for ​experienced ​boaters, ​as ​well ​as ​those ​who ​are ​thinking ​about ​moving ​up ​in ​boat ​size ​or ​class.

​*This ​clinic ​is ​only ​for ​those ​participants ​18 ​and ​older.


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