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BC Marine Trades Association (BCMTA)
BCYBA's corporate members are required to be a member of the BCMTA, which acts as the voice for the recreational marine industry in BC. With their mandate being to promote recreational boating in BC. and promoting a positive atmosphere, they work in cooperation with industry groups as well as all levels of government to provide a strong and consistent voice for the boating community.

National Yacht Broker Certification Program: Certified Professional Yacht Broker (CPYB)
The BCYBA strongly encourages all eligible members to obtain the CPYB designation to strengthen their dedication to their chosen profession, and to promote professionalism between brokers and the boating public. To apply for the program, please visit the CPYB website.

Transport Canada: Pleasure Craft Operator Certificate
Once you have submitted your membership application, you are required to take BCYBA's entry level exam: Broker 101. This exam determines the basis for evaluation of your acceptance to the BCYBA. However, in order to take this exam you must first have your VHF & Pleasure Craft Operator Certificate. For information on how to obtain these credentials please email or phone 1-877-604-7493 between the hours of 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM EST).

Discover Boating
The Discover Boating website is an incredibly useful resource for those who own or wish to purchase a boat. It includes information on saftey, buying and selling, boat shows, a beginner's guide to boating and much, much more.

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