For Buyers

BCYBA brokers are full-time yacht brokers who interact with sellers, buyers and other brokers every day, learning about specific yachts and about the ever-evolving yacht market both here in BC, and across North America. A BCYBA broker will protect you deposit, help arrange and be on hand for all inspections, help you ask the right questions about the yacht, and assist with all paperwork. Find the gem that you're looking for quicker and easier and with less risk with a BCYBA broker.

Good buying opportunities may await you south of the border. Treading in international waters is never a good idea without a safety vest; reach out for a BCYBA yacht broker! With a wealth of experience in cross-border sales, and with connections in the growing network of CPYB-certified brokers across all seven yacht broker associations in North America, working with a BCYBA member as your advocate can help ensure a professional, confident, straightforward transaction.

The buyer’s broker is paid with a split in the commission from the listing broker and, as such, a portion of your purchase stays in the BC economy.

For Sellers

As mentioned, a BCYBA broker is full time and is connected to different buyers at all stages of their buying process. BCYBA brokers are encouraged to network with other accredited brokers, giving your yacht the absolute best exposure. Markets are always changing, and your full-time yacht broker can advise you quickly about how best to meet market expectations. Your BCYBA broker will also ensure the appropriate paperwork is executed, and the buyer’s good faith deposit is handled adequately.

The Devil is in the Detail

A yacht is likely one of the largest purchases you will make. Whether shopping for a yacht close to home here in BC, or especially out of the country, a BCYBA broker can guide you through what can be a very complex process involving a myriad of details such as importation, applicable taxes and exemptions, duties, clear title, insurance, yacht delivery, and other documentation. Your BCYBA broker has the experience and resources that can help avoid, and appropriately deal with, any complications that may arise. Using a BCYBA broker also ensures that your deposit is safe and stays in Canada until the sale is ready to be closed.

April 30 - May 3, 2020