BCYBA membership is available in three forms: Corporate, Individual, or Pending Individual

BCYBA Membership Application Process

Corporate Membership

The BCYBA Board of Directors reviews all applications at the Board meeting immediately following the date the application is received.

  • Current membership within the Boating BC Association is a prerequisite for BCYBA membership.
  • All applicants must have a publicly accessible office that is open consistently during regular business hours.
  • All applicants must use a trust or escrow account for brokerage transactions.
  • All applicants must hold a current applicable business licence.
  • All applications must be endorsed by two current BCYBA Corporate members.

Apply for Corporate Membership online 

or Print the Corporate Membership PDF Application Form

Corporate, Individual and Pending Individual Membership

All applications are reviewed by the BCYBA Board of Directors at the Board meeting immediately following the date the application is received. If considered to be eligible, the applicant will be sent study material for the BCYBA entry level exam, Broker 101.

All applicants must successfully complete this exam within three months of applying for BCYBA membership.

The applicant who has passed Broker 101 is then considered 'Pending Individual BCYBA member' for one year. After this time, the application is resubmitted to the BCYBA Board of Directors for final approval. Once approved, new members receive a welcome package that includes:

  • Access to the BCYBA Members Only section on www.bcyba.com
  • Digital copies of all common documents from BCYBA
  • Digital versions of the BCYBA logo for members’ advertising
  • Window decal to be displayed in a visible area at the members’ place of business
  • Additional material and benefits as applicable from time to time.

Apply for Individual Membership online

or Print the Individual Membership PDF Application Form

September 23 - 26, 2021